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    Mapping an account based on a column in source file.

      I need to map an account based on the value of a different column. It is not used in FM so I don’t think I can use the varvalue function. So in this case based on store 1000 and account 1103-000 I need to map to 22222. For combination store 20000 and account 1203-000 I need to map to 33333. I can’t use concatenate in my import format because the mapping table would need to be huge to accommodate all possible combinations of account and store. Any ideas?
      co 005,fy2009,jan,1000,1103-000,529749.41 map to 22222
      co 005,fy2009,jan,2000,1203-000,1521.50 map to 33333
      co 005,fy2009,jan,1000,1203-000,-1182514.62 map to 33333
      co 005,fy2009,jan,0000,1203-000,-41480.28 map to 44444

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