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    Sender Name error

      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to send a wireless message to a contact but it keeps giving this error: "Required Field for 'Email Sender Name' is empty. (SBL-CSR00652)

      can anyone help me please? Because we are trying to start implementing SMS Services in Siebel.

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          What version of Siebel do you use? 8.x?
          From where to you try to call the send function? Workflow step? eScript?
          What function do you try to use?

          There are 2 business service functions you could be using to do this.
          One of them you will need to give a profile, the second only need
          the smtp from address.

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            Yes we are using Siebel 8.x...But to be honest I'm quiet a beginner when it comes to integrating Siebel with SMS so if you have any steps in doing so or any documentation that explains the workflows or any other similar points would appreciate it..

            Thank you
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              Sorry to say I don't. We have used it in workflows and escript using with the communication outbound component.
              Using the "send smtp" method and a smtp/sms gateway.

              Have you look at:

              Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide

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                Thanks I'll take a look at it..But I just want to ask if I found the field "Sender Name" in Siebel Tools it means that it reflects a field in Siebel..Im trying to figure out where it does reflect..