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    Load Test CCA

      We have license for 96 CCA's. What should I do to test 100 calls to CCA at a time. Basically how to load test CCA. Is there a way to test this, like a variable that can be used to simulate this scenario.
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          For a basic load test you can use the Predictive Dialer.

          Set up an outbound call center with 120 predictive channels, then load a list of numbers assigned to inbounbd projects.

          Then turn up channels in predictive and run up as many calls as you need to test.
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            Does this comes with Predictive server? Can we use Predictive server for this
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              What is the hw/sw requirement for setting up the Predictive Dialer? Do you need additional license for it, or it is already within the sysadmin function?
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                If you have any licensing questions please check with your Oracle account manager or review your license agreement with Oracle.

                The predictive server may or may not have been part of your licensing but if it was:

                Add the resource type in Network Manager, add a new call center with 120 channels (Increment the start ports and the Sip Port e.g. 5070 and ), select Predictive and outbound for the VoIP Interface, Enable in the Package creator, Turn up the predictive channels in company licensing, upload a 1-2 minute recording in company prompts, configure an inbound project to go to workgroup, select stay in queue option for no agents logged in, In Projects Predictive add under If Answered play message and select the company prompt you just uploaded, upload a list at the Project level (include the inbound project phone number in the list), set the channels to 1, give permission to at least 1 Supervisor to control the list, start the project, log in the supervisor, select outbound call control, check off the project and ensure that 1 channel is dialed out and 1 is dialed in. Then when you have that all running fine turn up channels to the level you want to test with.
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                  If you do not see Predictive available in your Administrator section, you may have to go back to the Company Package as Netadmin and enable Predictive.