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    Can you block inbound calls from a number?

      We've used the Call Blocking in the Admistration Manager to block certain outbound calls -- 900 numbers, 976, etc. I assume it works. The question I have is if it that or something else can be used to block INBOUND calls. For example, we received, shall we say, a vulgar call. We don't want to have to hear from that caller in the future. I tried adding my number to test it out, but I can get through just fine.
      Based on the documentation, it's not clear to me that this does block inbound calls.
      Enter a phone number or pattern to block. For example, to block all calls to the
      number 858-410-1600, enter the number as shown. This blocks only calls
      placed to the specific number entered.
      So, that part specifically mentions calls "to" that number will be blocked. No mention of calls from that number.
      But then you can check the "Outbound Call" box to block outbound calls...
      Select this check box to prevent agents or the Call Center On Demand
      automated callback system from placing calls to numbers matching the pattern
      you specified. Clear this check box to allow outbound calls to numbers matching
      the pattern.
      So, why bother with the outbound call checkbox if adding it blocks calls to a number (or pattern) in the first place?
      But, back to my immediate problem -- can I block inbound calls?
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          To block a call inbound follow these steps:

          1.     Create a Prefix Routing Pattern that equals the number you want to block. One of these will be created for each number to block unless you can use the NPA or NXX and a wildcard.
          2.     Create a Prefix Routing Group that includes the Prefix Routing Pattern you just created.
          3.     Create a new Project Menu (or Campaign).
          a.     Set the default link to disconnect. (You can play an audio first if you like).
          4.     Create a new Project.
          a.     Enable a Phone project, but do not assign a DNIS.
          b.     Route all calls to this project to the Project Menu just created..
          5.     Blocking occurs at the Project level. If the number needs to be blocked for more than 1 DNIS, make the following change to each of the projects.
          a.     Open the Project in question and click the Phone tab.
          b.     Click the Prefix Routing tab and enable Prefix Routing.
          c.     Select the Prefix Routing Group you created and point it to the new Project.

          Alternately, you could perform the call blocking from within a campaign, but this requires that anytime a new number needs to be blocked or unblocked, we need to make the change. By using the steps above, the customer can add/remove numbers.

          Dave Shuger
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            Wish it was simpler, but it works.