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    Require help for Requisition workflow in Iprocurement

      I have to customiza requisition workflow in iProcurement.

      Currently I am using Oracle Apps version
      For Approval AME is Installed in the system.
      Ame detail is mention below:
      2614213 (pre-11.5.10)
      2863619 - (pre-11.5.10)
      Apps Release 11.5.10

      Requirement: 1.) When for any Requisition we start the approval process.The Requisition workflow start.After completion of approval process the Requisition workflow send this requisition for Autocreate PO Mode or Launch Auto create PO workflow.
      2.)In Requisition Workflow there is one parameter i.e Send PO Autocreation to Background. The Default value for this is "Y".For Auto creation of PO I changed this value to "N".Now I am getting the PO number for the particular requisition.
      3.) The main requirement is to send a e-mail notification to Requestor i.e for your PR number(----) PO(-----) is genrated.

      Is any one guide me what possible way to achive this i) Using Workflow Customization
      ii) Using AME

      Thanks in Advance,