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    Implementing Oracle RDF for existing databases.


      I am a newbie to RDF. I am supposed to dio a PoC for a Oracle RDF. I donot know what is RDF [i have learnt it now], OWL, SPARQL etc...I need advice from experienced people about how to start with a simple applications etc...

      Please let me know if there is any good step by step tutorials and sample code. I have searched the entire web and i couldn't get a good sample code for Oracle RDF projects.

      May i know whether there is any such projects gets implemented in Oracle RDF or is that just a area for research?

      Why do we need Jena API? Why should i opt for Oracle RDF? By what means it is going to give me a performance boost? etc.. are some unanswered questions i still have in my mind.

      Thanks much in advance for your time....

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          Hi Sakthi,

          My name is Jorge Barba, working in Support for Semantic Technologies.

          We have a set of notes that I can share with you so you can start implementing simple ontologies, I can also present to you a 1hour and a half presentation via remote web conference of Semantics and Oracle. If you are interested please send me an email at jorge.barba@oracle.com