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    Xml Publisher  run time error '5148'


      I am using XML publisher to convert data in excel from the oracle,so first i have generated data in xml by report builder and open xml file in Word document through >template builder >data > load xml data,it's find but i use insert menu and select all field then it give message which i have mentioned below,

      run time error '5148'
      The number must be between 1 to 63

      I think, is it column limitation because i have done this activity later but right now i have added more column so may be that's why it is showing the error but my client need to show data in excel,so how i can fulfill this requirement,is there any other solution ?

      Please help on this regard. thanks in advance.
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          Just for future poor souls who may be pulling their hair out over the same issue, I eventually got to the bottom of this cryptic error message.

          Do not try to import all your fields at once if your group has over 63 of them, as it will fail.

          If you use the Insert Table option, and try to put all the fields in at once, it will give you a more meaningful message, and the one it SHOULD have given you in the first place, which is "A table cannot contain more than 63 columns".

          So - Import them, a few at a time. Then move them all into one group and you're good to go.