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    PO_Quotation - Screen Personalization

      I want to get some help in a personalization for the PO - Quotation screen under the Supplier Item column. We want to auto fill with the line item number. Any ideas on how to do this? Thank you.
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          Which form do you want to personalize ? The one named Quotaltion (POXSCERQ) ?

          I didn't understand precisely what you want; Can you describe a little more the attended behavior you wish please ?


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            Yes in the Quotations (POXSCERQ) personalization screen, we have a column field entitled "Supplier Item" (VENDOR_PRODUCT_NUM) that we want to populate the item line number (LINE_NUM). I tried the following personalization for the following action:

            object type: item
            target object: PO_LINES.VENDOR_PRODUCT_NUM
            Property Name: VALUE
            Value: =lpad(to_char(${item.po_lines.line_num.value}),4,'0')

            Upon testing, when adding a new line item, the new number will appear momentarily in the "Supplier Item" but when an item is keyed in manually, the "Supplier Item" value disappears? How do you get it to stay?

            Also... how do I validate the number value to only 4 numeric fields?

            Thanks for any suggestions..
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              i tested the following scenario :

              Attended behaviour
              When you enter the lines, nothing special happens
              When you save (one or several lines), then the field Supplier Item is automatically filled with values 0001, 0002, etc. (according to the value of line_num field).

              Custom Code

              - Create 1 sequence (n° 1)

              In the Condition Tab :
              - Trigger event = WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD
              - Trigger object = PO_LINES
              - Condition = (NULL) (whatever you want)
              - Processing mode = Not in Enter-Query Mode

              In the Action Tab :
              - Seq n° 1
              - Type = Property
              - Object type = Item
              - Target Object = PO_LINES.VENDOR_PRODUCT_NUM
              - Property name = VALUE
              - Value = =TO_CHAR(:PO_LINES.LINE_NUM, '0000')

              That's working fine for me.

              Tell us if it is OK for you ?

              Take care,
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                Thanks Xavier for the condition and actions. Question though... when I attempt to apply the condition and action, I did not see the auto fill for the supplier item number. But when I included the value: =lpad(to_char(${item.po.lines.line_num.value}),4,'0') then the auto fill for the supplier item does work itermittently. What I mean.. I still can't make the value stick when I start to type the new item (for example... type.. LICENSE) then when I scroll over to the supplier item column the pre-populated auto number disappears? Any clue? Thanks again. Wil.
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                  I'm only using SQL syntax in Forms Perso, i don't know how to use $ or {} ?

                  For the auto fill as action is on event "WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD" the filling of the field only occur when the user clicks on the SAVE button. But we may have a different behavior if we change event.

                  What is your version ? I'm in 11i (

                  Take care,
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                    Thanks Xavier... we have the same versions ~ 11i @ I'll keep trying and let you know if I come up with something.