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    How to disable autostart on a RAC instance?

      Hello all,
      I'm a bit new to RAC, and I've got a 3 node rac instance that I need for now, to set to NOT autostart on server reboot.

      I have it currently shut down with

      srvctl stop database -d instance_name

      I was looking through the srvctl help...and closest I can guess to setting it to NOT autostart is:

      srvctl modify database -d instance_name -y MANUAL

      Is this the correct command....in the help it says that this sets management policy for the database...rather than autostart or manual start..so, wanted to ask before I tried this setting.

      Thank you in advance,

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          Rajesh Lathwal
          Hi cayenne,

          Its is poosible.

          Use the below command:

          srvctl disable instance -d dbname -i instancename

          Use below link for more help:



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            For disabling auto instance start for specific instance, it's srvctl disable instance -d <dbname> -i <instname> but if you want to disable your CRS to disable starting up automatically at server reboot then you need to use crsctl disable crs at root user.

            when CRS is enabled to start automatically, it'll start all the resources which are registered with CRS which include ASM, nodeapps, instance, services.