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    oo4o and Font

      i got: oracle 9i on win Xp sp3 & and oo4o
      and my application base on vb6.
      if i use ADODB to print my database to text file is okay
      but when i use oo4o then i have problem with font type. i dont know why. maybe oo4o doesnt support for vietnamese language?
      anyone know about it? plz help me.
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          gdarling - oracle

          OO4O doesn't have a notion of "font" per se. That's a display thing.

          I have no experience with Vietnamese or that characterset, but I can tell you that a large percentage of NLS issues result from data being incorrectly stored in the database. People insert data via sqlplus for example, retrieve it via sqlplus, they end up with what they started with so they assume all is correct. That is NOT the case. The data needs to be stored validly, and that's the very first thing you should check before moving forward.

          What I'd recommend for starters is
          1) use a table with a single column and a single row for the sake of investigating
          2) insert a single character into the column
          3) dump the storage of the character
          SELECT DUMP(col_name,1016) FROM table_name
          4) check the resulting encoding to see if it's correct for that characterset.
          5) assuming that that is correct, then try selecting the data via oo4o and see what your results are.

          Also, what do you have NLS_LANG set to on the Oracle client machine?