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    R12 - Accounts Payable & PO Accrual Reconciliation Report - write offs


      As a relative novice to Oracle I need some help.................

      My question regards the above which is essentially a "goods received not invoiced" report.

      I have a number of items on the report which I would like to write off for two reasons:
      (1) I have a small balance left which is basically the difference between the PO and the accounts payable column - in the region of 1p to 5p (therfore a housekeeping exercise)
      (2) Items that we've never received an invoice for (we've received the stock for free!). ie there is only an entry in the PO column of the report.

      For the above I would like a method of writing off these balances from the report.* This should therefore create a credit in my P&L account.

      Your thoughts please.

      Thanks in advance.