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    11G compatibility

      Our organization is upgrading to 11G. What do I need to know about compatibility with our version of Designer? (, Repository)

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          Designer 9.0.4.x.x.x is not compatible with an 11 DB.

          Designer is certified with an DB

          You can get it to work with an DB but you have to use the imp/exp tools from

          Designer is not certified with and 11R2 db.

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            Thanks for your response.

            Have you heard if 11GR2 will be certified in the future? I tried to find info in metalink but I wasn't able to find the certification matrix.

            Any links or nav paths are appreciated.

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              I have not heard anything about Keeping Designer current.

              I do not see much happening with Designer in the future.

              I am guessing that it will not be supported with 11R2.
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                Erik Trip - Darwin IT
                Does anybody know if Oracle Designer is certified against an Oracle 11gR2 database?

                does anybody use oracle designer against an 11gr@ database?

                I was trying to find a certification matrix on metalink but did not succeed

                Kind Regards Erik
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                  Yes they finally certified Designer with an 11.2 DB.
                  However there are some major bugs that will not be fixed.

                  I recommend you upgrade to an DB as it is a stable platform for Designer and stay there.
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                    Erik Trip - Darwin IT
                    Hello Miichael
                    What major bugs are you referring at??

                    You make me curious. We intend to go to 11gR2.
                    Is there a metalink documents that confirms that certification?

                    Regards Erik
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                      Mark Striekwold

                      You can go to 11gR2 database with you application and keep your repository inside an older database version like 10gR2 or 11gR1.

                      Colleagues of mine were having trouble saving pl/sql logic and were getting strange errors like "CDD-22202 An error trying to store text". Have to add they were using a versiioned repository. After downgrading to everything works fine again inside the repository.


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                        Erik Trip - Darwin IT
                        Hoi Mark
                        Thx. Yes that is an option of course. But the dba's prefer to maintain just one version of the database. And when they have to maintain an extra database version which is not certified they will probably not like that.

                        (of course designer isn't certified as well)
                        Dou you have any references (metalink) which describe these bugs? And are you aware of a certication matrix?

                        Regards Erik