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    DBconsole Problem

      Good Morning!

      On 16 March 2010, the agent and dbconsole service on our production machine failed at 3:35 in the afternoon. The message in the log was:
      dbconsole exited with retcode 55

      DBconsole service will not re-start. Attempts to re-start the service and/or dbconsole result in:
      NET HELPMSG 3521
      NET HELPMSG 3547
      (both or which are vague and not useful in resolving the problem).

      Rebooting the server, rebuilding the dbconsole, and attempts to stop&reconfigure the dbconsole have all been unsuccessful.

      While OEM is available, automated backups will not run and any functions that interact with the server (such as viewing the alert log) are not available.

      Instructions from Oracle Support, via open SR, state that our TimeZone is incorrect and needs to me modified.

      There are two problems/questions with this theory:
      1) if our time changed (we are on the US East Coast) on 14 March 2010, why did the service not fail until more than 48 hours later??
      2) since the dbconsole does not respond without the service running, how are we to change to TimeZone to verify if that is or is not the problem??

      We are using Oracle 11g on Windows 2003 SP2. Both the database and our APEX applications are running without problems. RMAN does work manually, so backups have been made that way.

      Any ideas/suggestion/etc. would be appreciated.

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          At least for the timezone problem this thread (at the end) may help:


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            Thank you for the reference, but I did search the forums and attempt all the recommended changes over the past several days. This is similar to the recommendations by Oracle Support. The problem is that dbconsole cannot be stopped at this time, so I cannot test any changes.

            I am aware that I could attempt various changes and reboot (to stop/restart the service), but this is our production server and that is not an option when only testing a "possibility".

            I do not know if the TimeZone is the problem - if it is, then first explain how the current TimeZone could just cause an error in the middle of the day when no changes to to time and/or the server occurred.

            Yes, a timechange did occur, but that was more than two days prior to the error and service failure.

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              Srini Chavali-Oracle
              The issues are described in MOS Doc 419700.1 (Problem: DST: Grid Control or Agent Installation on Windows fails at Agent Start).

              More DST patches info is in MOS Doc 412160.1 (Updated DST transitions and new Time Zones in Oracle Time Zone File patches).

              Is there a test system that you can apply these patches to to verify if the patches solve the issue ?

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                What version of database are you running? is it 10G R1. Latest patch upgrade helps solve the timing issue in DBConsole.

                Khushboo Srivastava
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                  I am facing the same problem, Can somebody guide me the exact steps to sort out the issue.

                  Thanks in advance
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                    I changed the time zone back, and the dbconsole worked!

                    Try that and run again your dbconsole jobs...

                    let me know any questions

                    Thank You!

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                      user6128546 wrote:




                      I changed the time zone back, and the dbconsole worked!

                      Try that and run again your dbconsole jobs...

                      let me know any questions

                      Thank You!

                      After 3+ years, I doubt the OP is still trying to fix this problem.