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    JD Edward Enterprise One


      I have a customer who is facing some performance issues with JD Edward enterprise one application and have interest around Pack for better managability. This application is hosted on DB2 (IBM).

      They are looking for a pack which works with DB2 database.

      Is there a whitepaper or datasheet available on this.

      thanks in advance.

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          john dickey, mccarthy
          Uhh, there is actually a separate category for JD Edwards Enterprise One. On the Forum home, keep paging down past the JD Edwards World category and you will find the JD Edwards Enterprise One category. World and Enterprise One are technically very different products and thus those of us running JDE World won't be able to offer much help with an Enterprise One issue. World, for example, only runs on the IBM AS/400 (or System i or Series i or i Series (IBM keeps changing the name)) computer, whereas Enterprise One runs on various types of hardware. World thus uses only the DB2/400 implementation of IBM DB2. So I suggest posting this issue in the JD Edwards Enterprise One category on this forum.
          John Dickey