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    How are incomplete orders in MWM optimized in ORS?

      Customer is adding a new division to MWM. This division works FO's differently than the other divisions. The new division will allow orders to be open indefinetly, where as the existing division requires the FO's to be completed within 3 days. To fully optimize the system (ORS and MWM), we want to know how to handle this. Currently, their MWM 3.0 system holds incomplete orders without sending the completion transaction to their CIS. It works for them because the orders have to be completed within a tight window. The new division is completely different. They would like to use the same order types across the company. How will ORS optimize the routes if these incomplete orders are still within MWM? What can MWM do in it's division, district, service area tables to help with the optimization?

      (We are upgrading from 3.0 to 1.5)
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          I'll probably need just a little better understanding of what you need to accomplish.
          Remember two things about MWM regarding upgrading to v1.5 and ORS.

          1. All orders need an early start date / time and an end date / time. ORS will only schedule orders whose end date time
          are still in the event horizon that was set up when you configured ORS. That means that ORS will NOT schedule any
          orders whose end date / time is in the past (expired). Keeping an order indefinitely in ORS is technically not possible
          because you always must have a specified end date. Of course your end date could be really long (like a year).

          2. MWM has a configurable option that enables the system to send or not send incompletes to the host.
          This is a server table config setting and should be listed in your MWM configuration guide. Remember,
          though, that this setting is global. It doesn't care what type of order that you are working or what division
          it is in. The setting affects all orders.

          Maybe you can digest this information and get back to me with exactly how you'd like to handle orders for the new division ?