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Business Publisher 11g + weblogic + Red Hat

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Did someone install a Business Publisher over a weblogic 10.3 with Red Hat 5.3?

The documentation only explains how to install it but with Windows.. I follow that manual but couldn´t make it work.

Any tips are welcome!

Thanks in advance,

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    Saurabh_SOA_BPEL Explorer
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    Hi Julian,

    Which document/steps you have followed.
    Did you get any errors.

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    gmoykin - oracle Newbie
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    Yes, I installed it on WLS 10.3 on OEL 5.5 (32-bit).

    Anyhow, I faced a lot of problems.


    1. Just follow the steps in the docs : installation_administration_guide_s.pdf > Step-by-step instructions (Oracledatabase)_WebLogic11g
    Never mind they are for Windows, do them for Linux.
    Here is my example for

    # Setting BPA BP Server:

    export BP_INSTALL

    JAVA_OPTIONS="${JAVA_OPTIONS} -Daris.businesspublisher.home=${DOMAIN_HOME}/servers/${BP_INSTALL}"
    export JAVA_OPTIONS

    JAVA_OPTIONS="${JAVA_OPTIONS} -Djava.endorsed.dirs=${DOMAIN_HOME}/servers/${BP_INSTALL}/WEB-INF/lib/endorsed"
    export JAVA_OPTIONS

    export JAVA_OPTIONS

    2. Although you are supposed to read and do the steps described in the docs, there is a missing point about the customize the configuration file webappserver.cfg, concerning the choosing of correct database DAO class.
    3. Oped the webappserver.cfg file in:
    (e.g.: /home/oracle/FMW11g/user_projects/domains/BPA_BP_domain/servers/AdminServer/tmp/_WL_user/businesspublisher/1xhsau/war/config)

    Find the line (it's row 60 in mine):
    <dao-class name="com.idsscheer.aris.businesspublisher.application.dao.database.ADerbyDAO" />

    which is set by default for Derby DB and if it's really for Derby, edit it as:

    *<dao-class name="com.idsscheer.aris.businesspublisher.application.dao.database.AOracleDAO" />*

    4. Restart WLS

    (Don't forget to create the JDBC Data Source as well ;) )

    Was it helpful?

    George Moykin
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    Hi George Moykin
    i installeed weblogic server 10.3.5 on linux

    i did all of the action that u said but it seems there is a problem because after all setting in starting deploed businesspublishe i got the following error:
    Caused by: C:/temp/webdesigner/views/predefined_modelview/predefined_modelview.xml (No such file or directory)

    i am on linux but why it search for a c:\.... ?what i must to do?
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    Hi George,

    I've got exactly the same problem.
    Do you have any idea what would it cause this?

    Thanks in advance...


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