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    How to close PO and Releases manually

      I want to 'CLOSE' my PO and Releases based on certain criterias. I am using PO_ACTIONS.CLOSE_PO API but it is not closing PO or releases.
      Is there some other API for closing the Releases?
      In case of release I am passing po_release_id in p_docid while in case of PO I am passing po_header_id in p_docid.
      po_actions.close_po(p_docid => l_doc_id,
      p_doctyp => l_doctype,
      p_docsubtyp => i.type_lookup_code,
      p_lineid => NULL,
      p_shipid => NULL,
      p_action => 'CLOSE',
      p_reason => 'Close PO Past Need by Date',
      p_calling_mode => 'PO',
      p_conc_flag => 'N',
      p_return_code => x_return_code_h,
      p_auto_close => 'Y',
      p_action_date => SYSDATE,
      p_origin_doc_id => NULL);
      Can any one help please.