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    Advice from Oracle RDF and Semantic Web Experts needed please...

      I am in the process of enhancing a user's search experience for a system which has the MDM [Master Data Management] Implementation. The system has few external source of information. It has records of nearly 3 Lakhs. I am completely ignorant of how the Oracle RDF will improve the search performance.

      One of my friend recommended me to try out the Oracle RDF but he too doesnot know about the implementation part.

      1. Is the Oracle RDF secure enough?
      2. How is the possibility of the RDF's integration with Webservices?
      3. Is it advisable to implement the Oracle RDF in large scale and highly secure environment systems?
      4. If there are multiple source of the information and is it mandatory that every party should follow the same Ontology?
      5. If there is no Business need and if there are only Technical need then shall we opt for RDF just for tuning the search functionality of the system?

      Thank you for your valuable time.