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    Forms 6i running on Windows 7


      Has anybody any experience of running Forms 6i (client/server) on Windows 7 ?

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          Apologies, I also meant to ask, not just runtime but developing also.

          ie. Will Forms 6i development tool install ok on a Windows 7 PC ?
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            Jacob Madsen
            The recommended way to run Forms 6i in Windows 7 is in "Windows XP mode". There are issues with Forms 6i directly on Windows 7, especially if you have the 64-bit version of Windows 7.
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              Thanks - Do I need to install the development tools in 'Windows XP mode' as well as the runtime version ?

              also, what is the impact on the rest of Windows 7 functionality of running Oracle forms 6i in "windows XP mode" ?

              Thanks again
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                Jacob Madsen
                Both the development tools and the runtime. And this does not affect the Windows 7 environment at all, as "Windows XP mode" is a complete virtual machine running separately from the host OS, Windows 7. You can get it here:


                Install and start this, and install the complete 6i package inside it and run it from there. That's what I recommend.

                Hope this helps,
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                  Thanks for the responses - I've not got a Windows 7 PC yet, just doing an assessment of if it's feasible to run Forms 6i (client / server) on Windows 7

                  Have you actually tried this ? Reason for asking is I'm just wondering if this was a smooth process to configure and get running and if the performance is OK ?

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                    Gauthier Ooms

                    We are running Forms [32 Bit] Version (Forms/Reports runtime & builder) on Windows 7, both 32 & 64 bit. There was no need for extra patching or configuring, no need to enable compatibility mode for the executables, ... everything just works like on a Windows XP installation. We have been running several machines under this configuration for a few months now, without any problems. The only thing we noticed is that it takes a few seconds longer to make a connection to the database when logging in to forms compared to a Windows XP machine, but it's not really a big deal.