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    Scheduler issue

      Hi All ,

      I have a Scheduler issue encountering . This issue is raised when i run the scheduler job manually , When the package involved in the scheduler job is run separately like exec........end ; it runs fine , but when i call this package through a scheduler it gives me this error message """REASON="manual slave run""""" , Can you please help me regarding this ?

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          This message :

          "REASON="manual slave run"

          is not an error message - it just says that this run was run manually in a foreground session (using run_job with use_current_session=>true) and not in the background by a job slave (which is the normal case).

          This message should only be occurring in the job logging views in the additional_info column and it is not an error message.

          Hope this helps,
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            Thank u so much Ravi for your detailed answer ...... much awaited , much researched .... than ku very much..
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              we are getting error email (job stopped) even tho jobs is finessed with out error.jobs is scheduled in chain program.
              all step and rules are fine and running.but still email alert when it run for next run time.