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    Workflow erroring with ORA-06512 on the Reserve document activity


      Can anyone help? We have a intermittent problem where the workflow for a requisition or PO errors with the following:-
      An Error occurred in the following Workflow.

      Item Type = POAPPRV
      Item Key = 101931-203179
      User Key =3096034

      Error Name = -6512
      Error Message = ORA-06512: at line
      Error Stack =
      Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.RESERVE_DOC, POAPPRV, 101931-203179, 101776, RUN)

      Activity Id = 101776
      Result Code = #EXCEPTION
      Notification Id =
      Assigned User =

      It can be moved on by retrying the worklfow but we are getting alot of these and some of our POs are time critical which is getting missed by the time we have realised we have an error.

      We are currently on and DB version and we use RAC with 2 database teirs and 3 application teirs.