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    Setup Manager: Transform request is failing

    Franck James
      I'm testing Setup Manager to determine if we can use it on the client site.

      I succeeded in extracting some setup.
      When trying the transform phase, the job is failing () with the following log :

      In ApplyTransformCommand: RUNNING
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/poi/hssf/usermodel/HSSFAnchor
           at oracle.apps.acp.az.oms.api.API.exportToExcel(API.java:341)
           at oracle.apps.acp.az.oms.transform.server.Transformer$APITransformExecuter.run(Transformer.java:503)

      java.lang.Exception: There were exceptions while processing APIs.
           at oracle.apps.acp.az.oms.transform.server.Transformer.shredToDB(Transformer.java:176)
           at oracle.apps.acp.az.oms.job.command.ApplyTransformCommand.executeCommand(ApplyTransformCommand.java:136)
           at oracle.sysman.emdrep.jobs.BaseJobWorker.runStep(BaseJobWorker.java:614)
           at oracle.sysman.emdrep.jobs.BaseJobWorker.doOneOperation(BaseJobWorker.java:738)
           at oracle.sysman.emdrep.jobs.JobWorker.doOneOperation(JobWorker.java:306)
           at oracle.sysman.emdrep.jobs.JobWorker.run(JobWorker.java:288)
           at oracle.sysman.util.threadPoolManager.WorkerThread.run(Worker.java:261)

      Does anyone can help me to fix this ?

      Tx and Regards,

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          Franck James
          I guess I missed the following post install step :

          1. Copy Apache POI 3.2 Libraries to the OMS tier.
          The Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite's Setup
          Manager product has a dependency on Apache POI 3.2 libraries.
          Download the Apache POI libraries from
          http://archive.apache.org/dist/poi/release/bin/poi-bin-3.2-FINAL-20081019.zip and
          unzip the content to copy the poi-3.2-FINAL-20081019.jar to
          2. Stop all the Management Services.
          1. Stop the OMS.
          $PROMPT> $ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl stop oms

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          it fixed the issue

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            Hi Franck,

            This is Mugunthan, development manager for Setup Manager. Let me know if you need any clarification or any questions on how to use offline transformation.

            Yes, you got the problem.