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    Can you overwrite the cost centre when making a receipt in iProcurement?

      Using iProcurement (R12)
      Is it possible that when making a receipt against a PO I can overwrite the cost centre and project code already placed against the PO line (during the requisition process)?

      I have a frequent spend with a taxi company - I intend to raise a PO for £1,000 to cover a month’s usage and then just receipt the cost of each journey as and when I book them – this will allow the invoice to come in centrally and be matched against the PO
      My issue is that each journey may be for a different cost centre and project code (I won’t know which ones at the beginning of the month so I can’t breakdown the original PO line)
      This is quite a reactive requirement so there is insufficient time (and inclination) for each department to raise a requisition and get it approved
      (in addition I don’t want to allow the originating department to decide the taxi company I want my central passenger services team to make that decision)

      Many thanks