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    SOA 11g-Dynamic partnerLink error SOA-20000 Message Router for {} is null

      Hi everyone,

      I'm having an issue with dynamic partnerLink. I have 1 main process that will dynamically call a specific subprocess base on some logic. I setup a generic wsdl in the MainProcess and at runtime it will dynamically assign the service and address for the subprocess to be invoke. However, everytime I redeploy the subprocess, I need to redeploy the main process or else I get error SOA-20000, Message Router for default/subprocess!1.0*e151a7a5-c991-4ad1-b54b-499f8f098252 is null. Please validate that the composite deployment completed successfully by checking the server logs. Not sure what the issue is. So everytime I can one of the subprocesses, I will need to redeploy the MainProcess. Not sure if anyone else have seen this issue. Not a major issue but it just doesn't make any sense if nothing in the MainProcess is changed and I still need to redeploy the process.

      Thanks in advance for any help!