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    How to default Currency in iProcurement

      Hi to all,

      Would like to know how to setup default currency in iProcurement. And in setting up the default currency in iProcurement Non-Catalog Request. We would like to set the default currency as Null. Thus forcing the end user to pick correct functional currency.

      Can anyone advise on an approach.

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          Default currency in PO/iProcurement is basically derived from the Ledger/SOB assigned to that OU.. When we define an OU, we assign/link a LE & SOB to it. Primary Currency associated with this SOB will appear as default currency while raising a PO/Requisition etc...

          You can have a look on below profile options of iProcurement :

          1) POR: Preference - Display Transaction Currency , Description : Self Service Requisition User Preference for Displaying Transaction Currency

          2) POR: Default Currency Conversion Rate Type (e.g. Corporate, Plan, Daily)

          Check if you can manage to deafult currency as "null" for non-catalog items through form personalization...

          S.P DASH
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            Hi S.P.,

            Thanks for responding back to me. Researching noted steps.