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    FDM Datafile in differet format


      I created a FDM application to load data in to HFM application from a flat file.
      After Import and validation steps are successful, it creates the data file in different format, which was not accepted by the HFM. Below is the sample of Data file created by FDM. Could someone please help me to find out what went wrong in the FDM Application?

      +!InterCompany Detail+
      +!Column_Order = Entity;Partner;Account;C1;C2;C3;C4;TransID;SubID;RefID;Date;TransCurr;Rate;Comment1;EntCurrAmt;TransAmt+
      +USWFX;[ICP NONE];6500004;CLOSINGBAL_INPUT;BS_INPUT;OUTSOURCING;LOCALGAAPINPUT;;;;12/31/2000;;1;;-14692580;-14692580+