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    Can AACG be configured to work with MDB?


      I am looking for information on Oracle GRC
      1. AACG is configured to work with Oracle E-Business Suite application; I would like to know what tables GRCC use in Oracle EBS application
      2. Can I Upload those tables information’s to CSV files and configure GRCC (AACG and TCG) to work on those CSV files instead of Oracle EBS tables?

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Sharvil Desai-Oracle
          The short answer to your both questions is "No".
          AACG is designed to work with Oracle EBS and since that does not work with MDB you won't be able to use AACG on MDB.
          Additionally, the tables AACG uses are part of the metadata and Oracle does not recommend nor supports customers using those tables directly as that can cause serious problems down the road.