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    FDM Essbase Connection


      Has anyone had this problem before. This is a new installation of Planning/Essbase/FDM. I get the following message when trying to drill back into Essbase for a member name in the Maps module of FDM.

      Error: Essbase API procedure : (EsbInit) threw code : 1030724 -, at line 128

      I have checked the integration, dcom and environment variable settings. Any help would be appreciated.

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          Essbase Error 1030724 - Failed to set locale information

          Did you check the essbase environment variables and see if they are setup as noted in the installation documentation?
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            It was because the Essbase Client installed was 64 bit, it needs to be 32 bit.

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              olivier Rochon

              I have the same problem under Windows 2008 R2.
              But You can not choose which Essbase client to install under the InstallTool.cmd.
              So How be sure to use the Essbase Client 32 bits ?
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                Such problem occurs when you checked the Dimension Cache Switch under Adaptor intregation setup tab.

                The "Dimension Cache Swich" is ticked in the adaptor's Integration Setup tab, Browse button. However, the script "ES_UpdateDimCache" has not been ran after making modifications in the Essbase cube.

                To Fix this Problem, perform these steps:

                1.     Launch the Workbench and log in the appropriate FDM application.
                2.     Select the Essbase adapter, right click on properties and "Configure".
                3.     Then, select the Hyperion Integration Setup tab, click on the Browse button and remove the tick from the "Dimension Cache Switch".
                4.     Save the changes and exit.
                5.     Confirm that the error message is no longer appearing and you are able to browse to all the target dimensions.

                Alternatively, tick the "Dimension Cache Switch" but make sure to run the "ES_UpdateDimCache" every time changes occur in the Essbase cube.

                It will definitely work.


                Sudhir Sinha.