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    Suite application deployment error


      I have installed webcenter on my laptop but I can't able to access space http://localhost:8888/webcenter, When I saw the applications deployment status from console then I saw almost 14 applications are in failed state and when I tried to start them individually from weblogic console then some applications giving null pointer exceptionn or some noclass found exception ? Does anybody have idea on this? below is the list of applications are in failed state.

      applications target
      DMS Application( WLS_Portlet
      DMS Application( WLS_Services
      DMS Application( WLS_Spaces
      owc_discussions( WLS_Services
      owc_wiki( WLS_Services
      portalTools( WLS_Portlet
      webcenter WLS_Spaces
      webcenter-help( WLS_Spaces
      wsil-wls WLS_Portlet
      wsil-wls WLS_Services
      wsil-wls WLS_Spaces
      wsm-pm WLS_Portlet
      wsm-pm WLS_Spaces