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    ODP/ODQ information

      Hi All,
      I am a newbie to ODP/ODQ...

      could some help me in this questions.

      1) i have downloaded/installed ODI with ODPand ODQ from ORACLE website to llok into it...so which country RULE SETS are included with this free install.
      2) does postal/geo coder directories are installed.
      3) I copied some postal directories as part of ODQ sample tutorial.does it cover US(new york city only) and UK
      4) can some give a example of REAL-TIME integration and BATCH-PROCESS
      5) difference or example of Synchronous or Asynchronous Integration.

      And any good documentation/tutorials other than the ones provided by ORACLE.

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          Fabio D'Alfonso
          Oracle Data Quality for Data Integrator is an Oracle rebranded version of Trillium Software TS 12 (11g) and TS 11.5 (10g).

          Neither Oracle nor Trillum provides a large set of docs and tutorial. I would suggest to look at some college level background, because data quality is a
          - theory first;
          - methodology second,
          - a product dialect , third.

          This is a good starting point : http://www.amazon.com/Executing-Data-Quality-Projects-Information/dp/0123743699

          I know this could be disappoiniting, but this is , in my opinion, closest to reality.

          Data quality in more a matter of "What to do" than "How to do" (which becomes important but later).

          Fabio D'Alfonso