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    boundary timer on manual acitivty -> modelization and deployment problems ?


      We have build a small process with start and end event and with two step. one Manual activity Initiator " Create Process" Then another acitivity "Check process" with a Boundary Timer on this acitivy. A script task via sequence flow which connect to and from the "Chek Process" and from the "Check process" we go to then end event.

      In JDeveloper we have a red cross between the " Create Process" and "Check process" that indicates that there is a problem in the Modelization :
      "Invalid Sequence Flow it connects a node located in the Main flow (Create Process) to a node loacted in a Boundary Event flow (Check process)."

      But we can deploy the process then it gives important errors in the execution of the process see as well the SR encoded 3-1651542661 by my colleague.

      What is your guidance for the boundary timer ?