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    Change PO Price

      I have a PO which has been received into Inventory and Delivered. OM has also consumed the material from Inventory....all this happened on the same day.

      Now the user wants to change the price on the PO line as they need to Invoice with a different amount.

      can anyone plz throw me some light on how to acheive this.
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          You can match to an invoice with a different amount from the PO line. Thie only issue is if the difference is big enough to be larger than the allowed invoice tolerance. Then you would have to manually release the invoice for payment (would go on invoice hold). It is possible your system has been set to not allow any tolerance. If that is the case, then someone would need to temporarily change the system setting to allow tolerance, match the invoice to the receipt, and then reset the tolerance setting back to its original value. This really is the only choice you have. If the quantity received was still in inventory, in theory you could look to reverse the receipt, change the PO line, and re-receive into inventory. But in your case the quantity has already been consumed. So you may need to find the person responsible for invoice tolerance setup at your company.

          John Dickey
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            Sir ,
            I think the solution in using the price variance option in the AP\\\