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    Is DB content still a good choice ?


      I am new in this forum. Thank you for your welcome.

      We are searching a solution for our users and found Oracle Drive was a good option.

      i learned that DB content is no more supported by Oracle, price is then free now.

      We have seen that we should chooose an existing solution (Oracle Universal Content Management Standard Edition), but the license price is fair too high for our small company.

      I would like to know if DB conten is still a good choice ie if it is possible to use it and to adapt if for future releases of Oracle DB (version 12, .....)

      hope to be clear.

      Thank you for your kind help.

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          by all means, run away from it!
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            Little more detail on why I said you should run away from it... just look around this forum and look at the questions people ask and think for a little why do they ask these questions and look for the responses and then think about them. If you install Content DB and if you run into issue expect no support. I have been working with Oracle products (Applications not Database) for the last 2 years and to this date, they haven't resolved any ticket I opened. I thought maybe they hate me for some f***ing reason but talked with other application teams and they shared the same experience. From DBA teams though, I hear good stories and I have to admit they have the best database on earth. Hopefully with Weblogic and Sun acquisitions things will change for better.

            Going back to the specific of your question, if you run into issue and open a ticket with support they will tell you to apply the latest patch or upgrade. Applying patches for content db is very very tricky and if you upgrade (most likely you will update both OID and Content DB because of different dependencies) you are hosed. Better find another job before upgrading. You know why? You have your userids in OID server where your Content DB server is registered or integrated. When these users creates folders and files, those files or folders have internal references tied to the userids. When you upgrade OID, those userids will be there because you will be importing them in the new environment but guess what those IDs would have different new reference numbers and those numbers are not going to match the reference numbers in the Content DB. Oops!

            Now you will hear stories... oh it's do-able. If Oracle says it's do-able ask them for the detail steps and ask them to help. Share with us here what they did. If Oracle Support or the marketing team is reading this, you know my number, give me a call and lets discuss.