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    Deployment of custom services fails

      Hi All,
      We have created an interface which has amongst others a Provider and a Requestor ABCS. We harvested it successfully to the Lifecycle Workbench (we are not using OER). During harvesting we provided the actual path of both the composite.xml files (Requestor and Provider) in the HarvesterSettings.xml (used the default annotations, no extra annotations for the transport adapters were created). We presume that the composite.xml files can reside anywhere in the local file system of the AIA Workstation and do not necessarily have to be placed in a specific folder(We copied both the Requestor and the Provider project folders created by JDeveloper and copied then in a folder called ServiceConstructor inside AIA_HOME). From the LifeCycle Workbench we generated the Bill of Materials(BOM.xml) and successfully exported the BOM.xml and placed it in the machine running the AIA workstation. Again we presume that BOM.xml can be placed anywhere in the AIA Workstation. The respective arifacts were copied to the AIA_HOME/aia_instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/AIAMetaData as mentioned in the document (not sure if this needs to be done manually or if we are doing it wrongly).The we created the deployment plan. The generation of the deployment plan file went fine but we suspect that the plan was not generated correctly. Please see the extract from the file below.

      <EndpointConfigurator target-server="pips.Test" dir="${AIA_HOME}">
      <UpdateMetadata wlserver="pips.Test" >
      <fileset dir="${AIA_HOME}/AIAMetaData">
      <include name="AIAComponents/ApplicationObjectLibrary/optima/**" />
      <include name="AIAComponents/ApplicationConnectorServiceLibrary/optima/**" />
      <ManagedServer wlserver="pips.Test" action="shutdown" failonerror="true"/>
      <ManagedServer wlserver="pips.Test" action="start" failonerror="true"/>
      <Composite compositeName="ProcessAsyncThirdMediatorProcessoptimaProvABCSImpl" compositedir="*${AIA_HOME}null*" revision="1.0" wlserver="pips.Test" action="deploy" />
      <Composite compositeName="ProcessinvoiceoptimaReqABCSImpl" compositedir="${AIA_HOME}\ServiceConstructor\ProcessinvoiceoptimaReqABCSImpl" revision="1.0" wlserver="pips.Test" action="deploy" />

      Then we went ahead and deployed it. However the deployment failed with the following
      java.net.MalformedURLException: For input string: "${pips.Test.server.soaserverport}" (see bold text in the deployment plan)

      In Lifecycle Workbench we gave "Test" as the Project code.

      Also, if someone would please provide some pointers for the filling up the following fields in service constructor wizard:
      Product code (does this have to be the same as the project code in Lifecycle Workbench )
      Application Name (does this have to be the same as the project code in Lifecycle Workbench )
      Application ID
      Application Short Name(does this have to be the same as the project code in Lifecycle Workbench )

      Also we are not sure where the source code of the project created using the ServiceConstructor has to be kept? Please advice.

      Any help towards resolving this is tremendously appreciated.