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    ORA-01007: variable not in select list

      Hi All,

      We are facing the following error while exeucting mappings in Oracle Warehouse Builder

      earlier all mappings are executing fine. from this morning we are getting the following error.

      we are using the join condition in mapping as follows:


      Can you please share how can we resolve the above error?

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          What is the error.
          Is the mapping deployed without warning ...? If yes then run it .. Sometime OWB show validation warning but it can be ignored.
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            Hi nawneet,

            Mapping is deploying successfully. But while execution it is throwing below error and stopping the execution of mapping.

            ORA-01007: variable not in select list
            ORA-02063: preceding line from ERS_PSYS

            Earlier days mapping works fine. But from yestraday it is throwing the above error.

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              You did not explicitely say if you changed anything in the mapping or the database(tables ??) since yesterday...

              This error: ORA-01007 variable not in select list happens when there are not same number of values in the SELECT list as in the INTO clause.

              In your place I would carefully check the mappping code- package in the database ..look out for INTO clauses (BULK COLLECT as well)and see if everything is OK
              syntactically and if at runtime it is populated correctly.

              I can tell you anything more precise without seeing you package code..

              I am not sure if it is allowed for you to post the code here ?

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                The mapping code is everything perfect. There is no changes in the code at source and mapping level.

                This issue came from yestraday morning. We are unable to place the code her as per policies..