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    Purchasing setup: Inventory Organization assignment

      I wonder what is the right way:
      When you do purchasing setup, under:
      Setup Organizations --> Financial Options --> Supplier Purchasing
      you choose an Inventory Organization.

      Is it common to choose the Item Master organization here? Or shoulde it be just a 'normal' inventory organization.

      We have the following problem: Our setup has been done in the way that we did NOT select Item Master org here, but just a normal inventory org. Now, we are thinking about setting up a second inventory organization and to define items that are only assigned to this new inv org.
      Do he have access than to this new items in new inv org from purchasing?

      At the moment we have problems with this setup. We cant get the items of the new inv org onto purchasing requisition or purchase order.

      Would be the right way to change setup, select the Item Master so that we have access in purchasing to all items?

      I do not like this way as then, all items - also from other inv orgs - would be available for requisitions, right?

      Please help on this! Any advice is very welcome.

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