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    CLOSED:What Is Extensible Attribute Architecture?

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      Client is reading the Oracle Teleservice Implementation & User Guide Ver 12.1 Page 43-6 Para 7 - "You can use the same extensible attribute architecture to capture additional information for database objects other than service requests"). Client wants to know exactly what is extensible attribute architecture?

      Is this the same as setting up descriptive flexfields? If no, what is extensible attribute architecture and how does client set this up?

      Here is the comment from client:
      Like in Oracle Forms, we have DFFs to add additional attributes to a standard Form, simialarly for OA Framework pages, Oracle provides (via a new architecture) an unlimited number of attributes that can be added to that OA Framework pages. These attributes are called Extensible Attributes. e.g. You can add extensible attributes in the TeleService module to entities like Service Request, Customer and Associated Party. Oracle claims that the same new architecture can be used to extend any database object.

      Client wants to use these Extensible Attributes in Oracle Loans module. I posted this to the Loans forum and development suggested I post to Telesales forum as they are not aware of extensible attribute architecture.

      Thank you,
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          Walter Pajaro-Oracle
          Hi Cindy,

          Extensibility framework and features comes from Oracle Product Lifecycle Management (EGO), it is not a functionality created by Teleservice. Teleservice only uses the extensibility framework. There are other EBS modules that use extensibility framework like, for example, TCA or OCO.

          Extensible Attributes are similar to DFF's in the sense that Extensible Attributes feature provides out-of-the box capability to store additional information associated with certain EBS modules entities.
          The functionality allows you to view and maintain these additional attributes without having to create custom screens. It also allow you to group related attributes and display attributes on specific UI pages.

          Some of the features are:
          Limited to certain EBS modules entities.
          Attributes can be displayed as text, check box or radio group.
          Database view is created for each attribute group.
          Uses Value Set for attribute validation.
          Extensible Attributes store unlimited number of repeating attributes (multiple rows of similar data), unlike Descriptive Flexfields.

          Components of an extension:
          Attribute Group
          Value Sets (Recommend creating before attribute groups)

          Extensible entities have corresponding tables to store additional attributes.
          For example, in the case of Teleservice some of the tables are CS_INCIDENTS_EXT_B, CS_INCIDENTS_EXT_AUDIT, etc.
          For TCA you have HZ_PARTY_SITES_EXT_B, HZ_LOCATIONS_EXT_B, etc.

          If customer wants to use Extensible Attributes in Oracle Loans then you need to check with Loans Development to see if they implemented or not Extensibility framework.

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            Thank you, Walter. I will go back to Loans with this.
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              How extensible fields can be seen at oracle teleservice service request form?

              What is the service request form funnction/menu name to attach with field service responsibility to see the extensible fields setup in to ?