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    R12: Automatic Sourcing in iProcurement

      Hi Gurus,

      Need your help for the below requirement.

      We are implementing iProcurement (Release 12.0.6) for a client. All of their purchases are expense items and so they are not maintaining Master Items. But we need to load the catalog for all the expense items they procure. In Release 12, we cannot upload the catalog in Bulkupload method as this option, which was available in Release 11i is removed in Release 12. Now, we have to upload the catalog only by referencing to a GBPA, BPA or supplier Quotation.

      In this scenario, we need to upload all the catalog by referencing to either GBPA or a Quotation. If we upload the catalog like this and if the Workflow 'PO Create Documents' attribute 'Is Automatic document creation allowed?' is set to 'Y', then every time a requisition is created from the iProcurement will be automatically converted to a PO or a release. We do no want this to happen. We need to load the entire shopping items in the iProcurement catalog. But, only very few are under the balnket agreements. And so, we wanted certain items to be automatically converted to PO or Release and the rest of the items should remain as Purchase Requisition, which the buyer will take further action. How this is achievable in iProcurement and Purchasing Auto Sourcing feature. So, not all the items loaded in to the iProcurement Stores has to be automatically converted to a purchasing document. Only a few (based on setup) has to get converted and rest of all has to remain as approved purchase requisition for the buyer's action.

      Can anyone help me this regards.

      Expecting a reply from you...

      Thanks in advance.

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