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    RFTransport Errors

      We are getting periodic RFtransport errors.

      This is on the server side and it just started occurring a few days ago and it periodically occurs through the day. I noticed this once a couple of my field workers told me that out of the blue the laptop will start beeping. It's not impacting orders being dispatched or completed.

      ERROR! Error saving Destination Node Map to file (XThreadTransportSend::SendMessageToDestination)
      08:00:08¦Error opening serial file DestinationNodeMap.bin Sharing violation - SHARE.EXE not loaded or shared
      region locked (ErrCode: 11, xb) (Error code=11) (XFileSerial::WriteObject)

      What does this mean and what can we do to fix it ?
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          This is an access violation on the file ("DestinationNodeMap.bin" file is under the "RfTransport" directory). Check the Antivirus settings on the server - make sure the RfTransport directory is excluded from automatic scanning.
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            Should the destinationnodemap.bin be excluded from the virus scan on the Mobile Workstations as well? If so, are there other files and folders that Oracle recommends should be excluded?
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              Yes it should. Usually, I start by asking most Admins just to exclude MWM (and all subdirectories) from scanning. MWM writes a lot of data to log files, which results in a lot of file access operations... and most antivirus programs want to scan the file(s) before the file access. More often than not, it doesn't result in errors....just slower performance. However the RfTransport reads/writes to its destinationnodemap.bin so quickly that it's a little more tempermental concerning antivirus.