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    how the request will come from Oracle iProcurement to Supplier site


      I am new to the Oracle iProcurement integration with ASP.Net web site supplier.

      we assumed the Request will come as a "HTTPRequest / HTTPResponse" from Oracle iProcurement. but in my supplier punchout site, we didn't get anything on Request.InputStream. thus my supplier punchout site is given following error. can anyone tell me how the Request will come to Supplier site.

      Error Code: 701 Misc Login Failures
      Login failed : unable to get supplier login url from login response
      Return Code: null
      Return Message: null
      Supplier Login URL: http://humana.sprintshops.com/punchout/processcxmlrequest.aspx
      Supplier ID : 664
      Supplier Name : Sprint
      Supplier Admin :
      Login Request XML:

      i will appriciate your in advance.

      Thank you.