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    Oracle CDA (Clinical Development Analytics) experience


      I’m about do the evaluation of the Oracle CDA ( Clinical Development Analytics ) software.
      As I’m quite new in the Life Sciences side of the data warehousing I’d like to ask for some input here.

      I hope there is someone one who already has some experience implementing it…

      - *1* - OBIEE is a component of the CDA package but it seems like the CDA only works/accepts OC4J web container for OBIEE.
      Are the other OBIEE supported containers ( IIS, WebLogic ) not CDA compliant?
      If so, are there plans to extend the support in the future?
      What would be the effort to reconfigure CDA to work with WebLogic ?

      - *2* - On how many machines were the OCDA environment ( LSH, OBIEE server, OBIEE presentation Server, Informatica Server, Application server etc..) installed?
      Any issues there?

      - *3* - What OS are supported for running the OBIEE component for CDA ?
      So far it seems that CDA works only with Windows OBIEE installment.

      - *4* - What is the experience using the Oracle RDC integration that comes out of the box with CDA ?
      Were there any problems with the Informatica ETL processes – ie. scheduling, data sanity, ETL process errors and corrections needed?

      - *5* - What are ETL tool options there? Is it only limited to Informatica, SAS and pure PL/SQL?
      Are the other adapters planned to be released in the future, ie. ODI ?

      - *6* - Has anyone extended the default out of the box Oracle RDC integration with other systems?
      What was the ETL choice?
      If Informatica – how difficult it was to debug the ETL process ie. When tracking down the source for data discrepancies?
      Was the separate star schema (work area) used or the shipped one was extended?

      - *7* - Can the OBIEE environment that ships with CDA be used with other non-LSH/non-CDA systems?
      How the RPD file was maintained? What about web catalog? Any experience here to share?

      - *8* - What was the CDA security model implemented? row-based?
      Was it integrated with portal/active directory single sign-on?
      How the RDC / LSH / OBIEE /Active Directory user authentication/authorization where integrated?

      - *9* - Any observations worth sharing:
      Performance issues?

      Again, feedback highly appreciated.
      Thank you