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    Publication Service available in template VM?


      We have installed the patch Patch 8919063 (Oracle Product Hub for Communications, Release 12.1.1) on the applications tier VM. Afterwards we have followed the post installation steps of the patch (Document ID 885359.1). This document refers to another one (ID 888696.1) in whose step number 12 are facing the issue.

      More in deep, the 12nd step states: Publication Service is an interface of type web service, available by selecting Product Life Cycle Management > Advanced Product Catalog. Deploy the web service, then grant access to users.

      We do navigate to the Integration Repository, view by Interface Type, Web Service -> Product Lifecycle -> Advanced Product Catalogue; but in that section we only see the Item Service, so no Publication Service available.

      Is this Publication Service generated somehow in any previous step of the document we are misunderstanding? Is it missing due to the template limitation?


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          Apologies that we have not answered your question for so long.

          As you have hopefully determined already -- your question is not about the OVM template. The template itself delivers just the Rapid Install (in your case it was of E-Business Suite 12.1.1). What is delivered and not delivered in the install is same for the template.

          The situation you mention sounds like something the Communications Hub patch would need to, and probably already has addressed.