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    how to capture oracle iprocurement request object in ASP.Net supplier site


      I am new to oracle iprocurement integration with ASP.Net (.Net framework). I am maintaining the supplier site and given punch-out site url to our buyer.

      On the landing page, I have written code like below:
      AppendStatus("\n Request Started"); // write the log file

      // Create a Stream object to capture entire InputStream from browser.
      Stream str = Request.InputStream;

      // Find number of bytes in stream.
      int strLen = (int)str.Length;

      if (strLen > 0)
      // code related to validation of From DUNS, To DUNS and Sharedsec
      // sending login response
      AppendStatus(“\n String length > 0”);
      From our buyer site we have received request one time and we were able to see “Request Started” content only in the log file. But any other log like Request.InputStream are not captured from the request object from buyer server.
      hence the supplier site didn't send any login response to our buyer server.
      and buyer is received the following error:
      Error Code: 701 Misc Login Failures
      Login failed : unable to get supplier login url from login response
      Return Code: null
      Return Message: null
      Supplier Login URL: http://xxxxx.xxxxxxx.com/punchout/processcxmlrequest.aspx
      Supplier ID : xxxx
      Supplier Name : dddd
      Supplier Admin :
      Login Request XML:
      <?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>
      <!DOCTYPE cXML SYSTEM "http://xml.cxml.org/schemas/cXML/1.1.007/cXML.dtd">
      <cXML version="1.1.007" xml:lang="en-US" payloadID="asdfasdfsdf" timestamp="2010-04-15T08:55:17-05:00">
      <Credential domain="DUNS">
      <Credential domain="DUNS">
      <Credential domain="DUNS">
      <UserAgent>Oracle iProcurement</UserAgent>
      <PunchOutSetupRequest operation="create">
      <Extrinsic name="User">7ddd</Extrinsic>
      <Name xml:lang="en-US">sadfasdfasd asdfName>

      Login Response XML:
      <html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body>

      <h2>Object moved to here.</h2>


      Can you please let us know, how the request object will come to supplier site from Buyer server. do you have any specific code snippet to capture the request object?

      I will appreciate you help in advance.

      Thank you.