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    Initiating BPM Process Instances from External Web Service Call

    Rob E Williams
      I'm attempting to update the HelloWorld example so that I can create an instance of the process from an External Web Services Call rather than via the Workspace. Our current SOA Architecture is configured so that all BPM instances are managed through a .NET SmartClient via the Service Bus and the use of PAPI W/S and so I'm wishing to recreate this capability in the new BPM.

      I understand the replacement for PAPI W/S is Human Workflow so I've therefore updated and republished the HelloWorld Example with an Exposed 'TaskService' Service for the Human Task within the BPM Process.

      I've then attempted to reference the TaskService through our existing BPM, and have been able to import a number of generic WSDL's as follows:

      Task Service
      Task Metadata Service
      Task Query Service

      When I examine the available operations for these generic services, there are quite a lot, each of which have a fairly complex schema. I believe I should be using the TaskService: InitiateTask Operation to create an instance of my BPM Process but my questions are:

      - Is the above the correct method of interacting with BPM Instances from an external system such as the Service Bus?
      - Does anyone have any examples of a basic XML payload that would initiate a process instance?