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      Iam Working in R12 Instance,I created Purchase Order and it was apporved,now iam working in RCV_TRANSACTION. iam having data in rcv_headers_interface and rcv_transaction_interface as follows


      INSERT INTO rcv_headers_interface
      GROUP_ID, processing_status_code, receipt_source_code,
      transaction_type, auto_transact_code, test_flag,
      last_update_date, last_updated_by, creation_date,
      created_by, expected_receipt_date, comments,
      validation_flag, transaction_date, org_id
      VALUES (rcv_headers_interface_s.NEXTVAL,
      rcv_interface_groups_s.NEXTVAL, 'BATCH', 'VENDOR',
      'RECEIVE', NULL, 'N',
      SYSDATE, fnd_global.user_id, SYSDATE,
      fnd_global.user_id, SYSDATE, 'test',
      'Y', SYSDATE, 204


      in below table i inserted two rows with different po_line_id,po_location_id,po_distribution_id

      INSERT INTO rcv_transactions_interface
      header_interface_id, processing_status_code,
      transaction_date, GROUP_ID, last_update_date,
      last_updated_by, creation_date, created_by, transaction_type,
      processing_mode_code, transaction_status_code, quantity,
      to_organization_id, source_document_code, po_header_id,
      po_line_id, po_line_location_id, po_distribution_id, comments
      VALUES (rcv_transactions_interface_s.NEXTVAL,
      rcv_headers_interface_s.CURRVAL, 'PENDING',
      SYSDATE, rcv_interface_groups_s.CURRVAL, SYSDATE,
      fnd_global.user_id, SYSDATE, fnd_global.user_id, 'RECIEVE',
      'BATCH', 'PENDING', 1,
      207, 'VENDOR', 81203,
      102032, 193877, 199240, 'TEST'

      and i run the "Receiving Transaction Processor",It completed with Normal Status,but in base tables data was not inserted,i got "ERROR" Status in PROCESSING_STATUS_CODE field of RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table and in rcv_interface_error iam getting "Error: Default Operating Unit has not been defined for the Org . (OU=)" in error_message field and "RCV_NOT_IN_ORG" in error_message_name field. and i assign responsibility level operating unit after that concurrent program completed normally and iam getting
      "PENDING" Status in PROCESSING_STATUS_CODE field of RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table,why its is having pending status,weather i having to run any workflow,

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