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    Need "auto approve" for an auto blanker release

      Hi Folks,

      We are using ver.

      I need auto approve functionality while creating Blanker Auto release for a approved blanker purchase agreement.

      I am able to create "auto release" for a BPA, but still it need to approve by manual. So, we need to avoid manual approve functionality here.

      Can any expert help me out in this issue?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Could you please check below query :

          select rtrim(w.name) name,
          w.text_default Value,
          rtrim(w.item_type) item_type,
          'Is Automatic Approval Allowed?' Attribute
          from wf_item_attributes w
          where w.NAME = 'AUTO_APPROVE_DOC'

          workflow setup to be verified

          Is Automatic Approval Allowed?
          AUTO_APPROVE_DOC Indicator of whether the purchase order approval workflow is initiated automatically after this workflow.

          Default value: N

          Please change to Y

          Hope this will help.

          S.P DASH