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    opening the attachments from PO and PR


      We have a requirement, in the createupdatepG we are adding an Attachments. We use the category as 'To Buyer' or 'To supplier

      The attachments are saving in fnd_documents.

      So user wants it to be open that attachments from PO and PR forms

      Can it be done?

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          When you create a PO or PR you can attach special instruction/ Term and condition files/text etc. which you defined under PO setup --> attachment.

          You can open this attachment.

          steps to be followed :
          1) create a PO
          2) Go to view --> attachment menu,
          3) This will open attchment form.. mention category "to supplier" or "to buyer" as per your requirement.
          4) Save it & close attchment form..

          Hope this will help..

          S.P DASH