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    Data display


      When user runs the report R5800073 (Ver WAL0001) for the document number 338405,he will get the csv output,In the CSV output, there is one column problem details2 in which data is appearing in the second line instead of appearing in the current line.for this field,the data is coming from the table F5548A01.

      The records are getting inserted into this table F5548A01 through P5548A10.The length of this field Problem details2 is 60.so user can enter only 60 characters& there is one implicit enter button.After user entered 60 characters the enter button(implicit) is triggered & data got updated in the table in the field F5548A01.SRDS1.but user entered the text(description) after 60 characters also, the remaining text got updated in the F5547A01.SRDS2 including the enter (Updated enter first, below the description got updated)because of this reason when user runs the report,in the current line space(enter) is there and in the second line description appeared.

      Requirement:The description in the problem details2 should appear in the current line itself.
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          Hmm, what version of JDE are you on? I am thinking you might be on JDE Enterprise One (One World), since you are talking about CSV output. There is actually a separate forum for JD Edwards Enterprise One. If you go back to the forum home and scroll down past JD Edwards World, you will find the JD Edwards Enterprise One forum. World and Enterprise One are technically different products. So if you are on Enterprise One, you are better off posting on that forum. Otherwise if on World, would be curious to know what JDE World version you are on, and what software you might be using for handheld usage.

          John Dickey