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    How to Close a Cancelled Purchase Order?

    Simon Mason
      We have a Purchase Order that has been cancelled but is still showing a closure status of "Open". This is causing problems in that we can not remove the receipted amount from our Accruals Report.

      Every attempt I have made to re-open, correct the receipt, close etc has failed.

      I was under the impression that when a Purchase Order was cancelled, it automatically updated the closure status to "Closed".

      Is there any way to either close this PO or change the qty receipted?


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          Please check whether the PO is cancelled from the PO Headers or lines or shipment region & how many lines are there in the PO.
          If the PO shipment is cancelled & there are open lines or shipments, then Oracle does not close the PO Header unless & untill all the pending activities with the other lines have been completed.

          As the PO shipment is cancelled, so you can not able to reopen the same & receive the quantities. It is better to complete the receipt & invoicing of the other lines. Then automatically the PO will get closed.

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            I sort of have the same issue. I have a po header that is cancelled as well as the line but the closure status remains as open. I want to be able to get the closure status to closed but can't. Any ideas why? The amount of the po and the matched/billed amount is the same. Just can't figure out why the closure status would not go to closed but remains open.
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              Hi Peter

              Just wondering if you ever resolved this as I've encountered the same problem with some of my Purchase Orders.

              Kind Regards