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    Blanket Purchase Agreement.

      Hi All,

      I want to create Blanket Purchase Agreement from Purchase Requisition directly like Standard Purchase Order. Is it possible? If possible, what is the way to create BPA?

      Pl. help.

      Thanks in advnace.

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          When creating BPAs please follow below steps..

          1) Create a BPA.. while approving it, in the Approval form you will see 2 tabs, Approval details & Additional options..

          2) Go to aditional Options, under automatic sourcing setup , Please enable "enable Automatic Sourcing" option , select Release generation method as "release using autocreate"

          3) Return to Approval details Tab and approve the PO.

          4) Create a Purchase Requisition using the item which you just included in the BPA.

          Above steps will help you to convert your requistion to a BPA release automatically.

          You need to check *"Workflow File Name: poxwfatc.wft"* as well. ( workflow setup)

          *1) Is Automatic Creation Allowed?*

          AUTOCREATE_DOC Indicator (Y for Yes or N for No) of whether this workflow is initiated for all approved requisition lines.
          Default value: N ......... set is as Y

          *2) Is Automatic Approval Allowed?*

          AUTO_APPROVE_DOC Indicator of whether the purchase order approval workflow is initiated automatically after this workflow.
          Default value: N ... set is as Y

          *3) Should Workflow Create The Release?*

          CONT_WF_FOR_AC_REL_GEN Indicator of whether this workflow creates, releases, or leaves them to the buyer to create using AutoCreate in Oracle Purchasing.
          Default value: N ........... set is as Y

          You can use below query to verify the WF setup...

          select rtrim(w.name) name,
          w.text_default Value,
          rtrim(w.item_type) item_type,
          'Is Automatic Approval Allowed?' Attribute
          from wf_item_attributes w
          where w.NAME = 'AUTO_APPROVE_DOC'

          Hope this will help... Please let us know are you using i-Procurement?

          S.P DASH
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            Hi Dash,

            Thanks for your reply. Yes we are using i-procurement. Let me check this and update u. Anything i have to do in Sourcing Rule?

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              Hi Mano,
              Do setup your ASL, sourcing rule, assignment as per your business requirement. Do remeber i-procurement is just like a frontend for Purchasing & Inventory module :). All the activities of iproc is mapped to purchasing and inv modules.

              In I-procurement, Requisition/shopping (for catalog item) is basically based on a BPA or quote. Please follow the steps which we mentioned and provide your feedback. We hope this will work.

              S.P DASH
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                In iP, the search result itself will show the BPA information. You create requisition with that item and automatically rlse should be created.